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Thanks for dropping by my website. I’m excited to show you the lovely new cover for my 2023 release THE LIFE SWAP. Realease date August 8th.
It’s a story about a rainforest dwelling jewellery artist, who swaps homes for a time with her goddaughter, whos’s burnt out and disillusioned by life in the city. The settings are Brisbane and the rainforest near my fictional Tablelands town of Burralea, where several of my previous stories have been set. I had so much fun writing about this exchange.

You can find out more about Luna and Tess’s adventures here

And in other news,  THE HAPPIEST LITTLE TOWN, last year’s release, also set in Burralea, has been shortlisted for the Queensland Writers Centre’s ADAPTABLE program. So I’m off soon to chat with industry folk at the Gold Coast  Film Festival. (Exciting, and yeah, a tad nerve wracking for a reclusive writer. Wish me luck.)

And I’ll also be posting regular updates on my Facebook page, on my blog and in my (not so frequent) NEWSLETTERS . See the link below to subscribe for the newsletters.

Other exciting release news… 

May 3rd brings the re-release of three of my favourite second chance romances. they’ll be published in this wonderful new package STILL THE ONE.  The titles are:

Second Chances

The Husband She’d Never Met

A Surprise Reunion 

This last story in particular has had wonderful reviews, including comments such as…

“One of my fave romances.”

“This writer is about what I buy books for.”

I’ve included an excerpt from A Surprise Reunion.

Check this collection  out here.

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